To Train or Not To Train

We are 6 1/2 weeks into school and it seems we just started.  I have convinced one science and one math teacher to Use More CAS.  Now the issue is training.  With all the webinars, conferences, and of course a regional instructor in the building one would think this an easy task.  I have found that is not the case.  Finding time during the school year for PD seems to be impossible especially if administration prefers it to be only during off hours.  Now I have the dilemma of how to make it easy for teachers to learn more CAS.  I go back to my thought from this Summer:  Don’t do it all at once, but do it bit by bit.  I plan to work on this in the upcoming months.  I also need to start thinking about how Use More CAS can be offered in the standard Summer PD.  How do I be proactive without being pushy?  How do I convince other schools this is worth a day of your time?  Only time will tell.


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