Why I Use TI Technology

Although this goes for CAS and nonCAS, I thought it worth sharing and she says it so much better than me.

Easing the Hurry Syndrome

I was asked a few weeks ago why I use TI Technology in my classroom. I have never felt articulate when it comes to extemporaneous speaking, but I agreed to talk with the reporter because my experience has been that it’s good for me to have to justify what I’m doing in the classroom. Why do I continue to use TI Technology in my classroom when other free technologies are available for teachers and students to use?

A Google search of “technology speeds up life” results in about 142 million results in less than half of a second. What I find in my classroom, however, is that using technology actually slows down the pace.

In the midst of my usual rush to cover all of the required standards, when we use TI-Nspire Technology to explore a difficult concept, the questions that students ask slow us down. The platform that we…

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Using More CAS One Teacher at a Time

Wanted to share the good news.  One of our science teachers received a grant today for some TI-Nspire CX CAS’s.  She plans to use them for data analysis and with the activities from the TI Education website.  Hopefully this will catch on in our school and her PLN.  This is one small victory for CAS.  We can change the educational world one teacher at a time.