CAS at the T-Cubed Conference

First of all I will apologize that I have not found the exponent feature on this website.  For those of you who don’t know, the conference name should actually have a “3” raised above the “T” instead of typing it out.  It stands for Teachers Teaching with Technology and is one of the best conferences you will ever attend.

This year I did two sessions: One on coding and one on CAS of course.  It is always wonderful to be around like-minded people who believe if we keep doing things the way we have always done them then the results will stay the same or worse.  Also as educators we have to share our new ideas and what has worked in our classrooms so that others can change for the better without repeating the same mistakes.  If I had to choose one “take-away” from this year’s conference, it would be that STEM is our now and future; and if schools including colleges do not start to move in that direction, we are doing our students a disservice.  Now what will I do with this “take-away”?  I plan to start incorporating more STEM in my future blogs.  CAS is perfect for STEM especially with data collection.  You can go from collecting the data to analyzing data all on the same device.  I plan to work on wonderful examples to pass on to my readers during the upcoming months.  Stay tuned!


Published by

Michelle Bonds

I was an engineer for 6 years before I became a teacher. I've taught math 6th - 12th grade, computer science, and EAST (Environmental and Spatial Technologies). I also provide professional development in the areas of technology and STEM learning. I have been providing professional development since 2007 locally and nationally. I created an Engineering Club at my current high school for students interested in STEM fields and am proud to be the 2011 Student Racing Challenge National Champs. My two personal passions are NASCAR and travelling.

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