Math the Fun Way

I know it has been awhile since I have posted.  Life happened and I no longer have time to do the nice screenshots and put them together with a lesson plan type post.  However, I do think teachers need support to make their life easier and I want to help.  After some thought and consideration along with much prayer, I want to take this blog in another direction.  My students always bug me about letting others know about my ideas for how to change the way schools work.  I think now is the time to start and I will of course start with math.

I have interacted with hundreds of math teachers over the years and can classify math teachers three ways.  There is the teacher who works so hard to make the students work harder and gets nothing but more stress.  Then there is the teacher who does just enough to keep his/her job and cares little if the students ever get anything.  Finally, there is the teacher that gets it!  This teacher knows math must be interactive to grab students’ attention.  This teacher knows it must be fun.  For this generation it must involve technology whether we like it or not.

Technology is creeping its way into education. Yes creeping!  Teacher’s using it for a gradebook and lesson planning doesn’t count.  Math games as a time filler or even a reward DOESN’T COUNT.  Technology must be incorporated into the classroom completely from the lesson hook to the investigative learning activity to the assessment formative and summative.  I have begged teachers to let me help move their classroom to a more interactive environment and have been refused.  Some of them even commented their students can’t learn “that technology” enough to use it effectively.  Are you kidding?!  I’ve seen 3 year olds work an iPhone!

Some teachers will never get it, but if you are reading this today please consider what I am saying.  There are so many free lessons out there that incorporates technology.  It would not be hard to start.  I have even created a YouTube channel (Why of Math) so teachers can have intro videos for lessons that can be your hook.  I’m not saying to change everything overnight, but once a month would make a big difference.  


Published by

Michelle Bonds

I was an engineer for 6 years before I became a teacher. I've taught math 6th - 12th grade, computer science, and EAST (Environmental and Spatial Technologies). I also provide professional development in the areas of technology and STEM learning. I have been providing professional development since 2007 locally and nationally. I created an Engineering Club at my current high school for students interested in STEM fields and am proud to be the 2011 Student Racing Challenge National Champs. My two personal passions are NASCAR and travelling.

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