2018 T-Cubed International Conference

The T3 International Conference is my favorite teacher conference every year. I have attended hundreds of professional development sessions for education over my career. None can compare to the sessions that give you methods, resources, and even contacts to pull education into the 21st century. You can learn anything from the basics of a specific technology to questioning techniques that will engage your students and allow them to deepen their understanding of content.

There is no way I could cover every session available, so I will just share about the sessions I attended. This year the conference started with John Urschel telling us his motivating story. It was broadcast on TI’s Facebook Page and I did some video highlights on my YouTube channel, Why of Math. There were several sessions on blended learning and online learning that introduced me to a couple of new resources. EDpuzzle.com was my favorite allowing you to upload your own videos and use YouTube videos to create lessons that can be put in Google Classroom or other learning platforms. Also, I brushed up on my coding skills using the TI-84 CE and TI-Nspire CX calculators. Coding can be used in so many ways and is a useful skill for all students in today’s world.  There were several STEM sessions where we used these coding skills to invent things, make music, and motivate students to Rover Piclearn. The new Innovator Rover is awesome and should be in every classroom. There were even sessions where you could learn to use the “Breakout Room” activity in your classroom.

The T3 International Conference may not be a one-stop shop for professional development; but for math, science, and computer science teachers, it covers most topics. There is something for every teacher, and it is forward thinking and student centered.


Published by

Michelle Bonds

I was an engineer for 6 years before I became a teacher. I've taught math 6th - 12th grade, computer science, and EAST (Environmental and Spatial Technologies). I also provide professional development in the areas of technology and STEM learning. I have been providing professional development since 2007 locally and nationally. I created an Engineering Club at my current high school for students interested in STEM fields and am proud to be the 2011 Student Racing Challenge National Champs. My two personal passions are NASCAR and travelling.

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